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“Where the Hell did You Come Up with that?”

—is a question I get from a lot of my friends, usually right after some absurd new story idea comes tumbling out of my mouth.

I have a long love, and respect for the transportive power of words. For the past two years, I’ve used them over on my sister publication — Cole's Climb — to bring my readers along with me to mountaintop trails, and campsite firesides.

Thing is — all that time in the outdoors has made for excellent opportunities to mull over a different kind of story: the what ifs, doubts, and the creeping feeling that something lurks just beyond the beam of your flashlight.

This space is a kind of digital campfire where I can share those works of fiction with you.

My Kind of Story

Here, you can expect stories that explore the boundaries of our humanity, survival, and compassion. I enjoy writing speculative fiction and thrillers.

If You Subscribe…

…I publish at least 5 times per month. I aim to have a monthly roundup, and four pieces of fiction entertainment. These range from:

  • Original one-off short stories

  • Serialized fiction

  • Writing contests

  • Authors and Embers storytelling podcast episodes

Paid Subscribers get…

…..all that, plus access to the archives. Some stories are also never released free, and go into the archives straight away. So there’s always something coming your way.

Your paid support also helps fund my efforts to become a full time author, by paying for things like cover art, editing, and other distribution costs for my debut novel.

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