Publishing Schedule

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Monthly Quota

I aim to publish 5 times a month, with a breakdown something like this:

  • 3 works of fiction, either short story or serial chapters

  • 1 episode of the Authors and Embers podcast

  • 1 round up of the latest stories and future publishing plans

After a new collection starts, stories in the prior collection will cycle into the paid archive. A handful of stories will always remain free. These include sample stories, and pieces I’ve written as part of collaborative projects with other writers (I.e. Blackwater, Arnold’s Landing.)

Unlock more stories with a paid subscription to Cole’s Chapters

I previously had a more regimented schedule, publishing at set times. But I found this to be annoyingly constraining. Pre-promising specific dates for stuff that wasn’t actually done yet, wound up preventing me from rolling out a few projects that would have been timely and fun. I think this will make for a better reading experience.

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