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Black Holes, Bad Deals, and Brothers — Authors and Embers EP02

Black Holes, Bad Deals, and Brothers — Authors and Embers EP02

Tyler and Miles join me to share stories of black holes and broken homes, around the digital fire.

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Authors and Embers

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Today’s Stories

Event Horizon — by Tyler Tarlton

Two boys make an unusual find, exploring the park after dark. But their discovery comes with life-altering consequences.

Narration — 1:12
Discussion — 8:25

Settlement Offer — by Cole Noble

Alimony isn't the worst that can happen to you. Blake Hinkle is faced with a tough decision when his ex wife's mysterious new lawyer comes to collect more than money.

Introduction — 11:26
Narration — 12:40
Discussion — 15:25

The Attic — by Miles MacNaughton

Two brothers reunite to clean out their late father’s home, and wind up reopening old wounds from their childhood.

Introduction — 17:36
Narration — 18:12
Discussion — 23:19

About the Authors

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Tyler Tarlton

I live in Choctaw OK with my wife and 5 dogs. I work at a bank by day and write by night. I have written six full-length screenplays along with one short, an hour-long TV drama pilot, and three half hour comedy pilots. After writing a few short stories for my daughter and nieces I wrote a full-length novel for the middle grade called The Disaster Dogs & The Mysterious Mange.

I have also written several comics; one which recently sold and published in an anthology titled Tales of the Bizarre. I also write a couple of ongoing, Oklahoma-based comic book series that are on the shelves of comic shops around Oklahoma City. I send newsletters each month through Substack each month under the name the Story Genie.

More of Tyler's Work

Cole Noble

A wandering storyteller, specializing in speculative fiction. I love applying what I’ve learned as an adventure writer to put together gripping narratives that test the bounds of our humanity.

I also host this show, and run this site!

Miles MacNaughton

I’ve been writing since I was seven years old. (I wasted the first six years of my life.)

I value good writing, and not the concise, sparse, show-don’t-tell claptrap trotted out as gospel you’ll find in most modern writing circles. Colored and textured prose is my style. I aim for writing that is descriptive, fluid, and leaves a distinct impression. I can’t stand writing the censured and dry.

The backbone of my work is the relationship between people: how they change, fall apart, and are brought back together. Friends, siblings, rivals, lovers—they’re all fascinating to me. Strong and powerful emotions are my cornerstones. You’ll see this passion in every one of my works. Other themes I often revisit include unrequited love, social dissociation, in-depth explorations of single characters, national/ethnic self-identity and belonging, and absurdity.

More from Miles

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