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The Spaceship, the Chef, and the Storyteller — Authors and Embers EP01

The Spaceship, the Chef, and the Storyteller — Authors and Embers EP01

Scoot and Maya — AKA the Chronicler — join me by the fireside to swap stories and discuss their writing.

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Today’s Stories

Powerless — by Scoot

A salvage team makes an unlikely find in the cold reaches of deep space…

Scoot’s Introduction — 1:00
Narration — 1:44
Group Discussion — 8:07

The Killer Cookbook — by Cole Noble

Cathy has found fame from an unusual calling: cooking final meals for death row inmates. But she bites off more than she can chew after adding a secret ingredient to her recipe…

Cole’s Introduction — 14:18
Narration — 15:57
Group Discussion — 31:06

The Chronicler — by Maya

A wizened storyteller comes to the village of Springcombe sharing fantastical tales in exchange for food and berth…

Maya’s Introduction — 34:50
Narration — 37:30
Group Discussion — 45:33

About the Authors

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I write fiction at Gibberish, which is primarily for sci-fi but includes weekly writing exercises unconstrained by genre. My current project is a tech-noir serial, DUEL, which just started so easy to get in on the ground floor! check out episode 1 of the serial here:

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Cole Noble

A wandering storyteller, specializing in speculative fiction. I love applying what I’ve learned as an adventure writer to put together gripping narratives that test the bounds of our humanity.

I also host this show, and run this site!


Maya is a Virginia-born, Navy raised writer with a background in international relations and film archiving. Shades of Night Anthology is a prequel-style series to the debut novel, Shades of Night.

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