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We are currently in the Stasis collection. These stories will become paywalled — aside from a sample story — in December of 2023. After this point, Stasis stories will only be accessible with a paid subscription.

  • Serial 📚— Novellas, broken up over multiple parts for a longer read

  • Short Stories 📖— Mid-length stories, typically between 1,000 and 5,000 words

  • Flash Fiction 📑— Bite-sized stories clocking in at 1,000 words or less

  • Paid Content 🔏— Content accessible with a paid subscription

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Lost in Time, Trapped in Place

These are tales from the corners of the universe where an evening can last an eternity, and wasted years can be won back in court.

Time is the thread running through these short stories, and it doesn’t always run forward. Stasis began as a self-imposed writing challenge to create a collection based on a common theme.

The Stasis Collection is Currently Free!

At the end of the run, Stasis will be archived for paid subscribers only, and the next collection will be announced. The Stasis Collection has its own parent page, which you can see here:

Stasis Collection

The Goldfish Threshold 📖🔏

Arriving on time just became the least of your troubles. Four friends on their way to go watch a rare astrological phenomenon are having a difficult time reaching their destination.

Restitution 📖🔏

Slighted in a bitter divorce, Charles Brookfield unwittingly hires an otherworldly attorney to win back his wasted years. But his services can't be paid for with money...

The Ideal Scenario 📖🔏

Trevor's time-traveling best friend comes bearing exciting and terrifying news about his future. The implications mean the end of life as he knows it.

Nelson Nemo’s Koi Pond Conundrum 📖🔏

A shady researcher's beautiful lakeside assignment gets far less luxurious when locals start going missing.

Coyote in the Groundhog’s Den 📚 1/2🔏

A reality-warping event inspires Dan to seek out a second chance with a figure from his distant past, but everyone he encounters seems to be 1,000 steps ahead.

Sandy Price; Interrogator 📚 1/?

Nightmares haunt a once-unflinching detective, in the wake of a brutal case. With sleeplessness and paranoia taking their toll, his partner suggests that an experimental drug from a shadowy pharmaceutical company may be just what the doctor ordered.

Unaffiliated Stories — Tales that Don’t fit an Established Collection

All My Loved Ones Loved the Impostor More 📖🔏

After spending the past year kidnapped, Caleb is excited to return to his job, his life, and his wife. But he doesn't quite get the warm welcome he was expecting.

Black Bronco 📑🔏

A valet parking attendant gets rich participating in an organized car theft scheme. But when his shady boss, the man in the Black Bronco, asks him to step up, an unsettling discovery changes his life.

The Killer Cookbook 📖

A celebrity chef bites off more than she can chew when adding a secret ingredient to a dangerous man's meal.

The Man in Blue Coveralls 📖

Chuck and his team deck the halls, professionally. After drawing the short straw to hang lights at the dreaded Dumont house, he finds out why his workers are so scared of the place.

The Man of Your Dreams 📑🔏

When a career change throws Garret's relationship on the rocks, he tries to fix it with a mysterious piece of technology: DreamSync. But the product doesn't work exactly as-advertised...

Settlement Offer 📑🔏

A man loses his money, custody, and eventually his time in a bitter divorce settlement. Now he's determined to win them back by any means necessary.

Settlement Offer Redux 📖🔏

Evan Hinkle enlists the help of his friends to get out of an unwitting contract, with an otherworldly lawyer.

The Suff 📖

One writer’s mysterious file led to the re-discovery of a strange phenomenon spanning decades—or perhaps longer. What is The Suff?

ULTRA Violet 📑🔏

Something was off about the garden and grounds of our new dream home. But it was gorgeous, and the price was to die for.

Montauk 📚 — 13 Episodes 🔏

In a parallel future, a “Mutually Assured Destruction,” doomsday weapon makes all face-to-face interaction fatal. These events unfold in the decade that follows, as fear supplants reason, and common comforts slip away.

The serial novella explores this ruined world from a collection of different perspectives ranging from astronauts, to late night comedians — all pieced together by a mysterious radio D.J. on a mission to uncover what really happened to the world.

Read the serialized novella below:

Montauk Novella

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