Montauk (Novella)


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In a parallel future, a “Mutually Assured Destruction,” doomsday weapon makes all face-to-face interaction fatal. These events unfold in the decade that follows, as fear supplants reason, and common comforts slip away.

The serial novella explores this ruined world from a collection of different perspectives ranging from astronauts, to late night comedians — all pieced together by a mysterious radio D.J. on a mission to uncover what really happened to the world.

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About the Project

My first serial story, originally written in April of 2020 as a radio play to creatively challenge myself early on in the lockdowns. I later circled back and adapted it into a novella when it became clear it would be a herculean effort to find enough voice actors to bring the project to life as originally intended.


Each chapter is a slice of the story, told from a myriad of different perspectives. There are a handful of paid-only chapters which add context to the main story, but are not critical to understanding it.

Prologue — The Green Door

  • For the first time in history, a stranger knocks at the Green Door. Through this legendary gateway, a group known as the Travelers pass warnings about catastrophic futures that must be avoided. But this newcomer wants something in return, before he reveals anything useful.

EP01 — Pirate Radio I: Calling All Stations

  • A radio DJ uses his microphone, and a network of disgruntled truckers to spread a message of freedom. But his operation and cause are put at risk when his show reaches the wrong ears.

EP02 — Semi Graveyard I: Out for Salvage

  • A tow truck driver must clear a trucking wreck from a notorious section of highway, during a white-out blizzard. At the crash site, Eddie gets more than he, or his bosses bargained for.

EP03 — Houston

  • The crew aboard an Ark-like space station scramble to fix a broken life support system. In the process, another mysterious voice calls out to them from orbit.

EP04 — Pirate Radio II: Sunlight

  • Outlaw radio host "Prometheus," thinks up a way to escape his Isolation Habitat, just as two rival groups locate him — each planning to use him to carry out their own personal mission.

EP05— A Good Harvest I: House Call

  • A medical consultant explains to Ned that he has something Hegemony wants very badly — his organs — and they’re willing to provide him with due compensation.

EP06 — A Good Harvest II: Lost Patients

  • Hegemony researcher Katherine Kaplan reconnects with one of her former students, ahead of her emergency kidney transplant surgery. He’s much happier about the reunion than she is.

EP07 — Election Night

  • In a shady, closed door meeting, a conspiracy is hatched, and Senator Wilbur Webb weaves his plan to capitalize on the Montauk crisis.

EP08 — A Good Harvest III: Outpatient

  • Ned recovers from his surgery, taking advantage of his newfound power to learn the truth about life in the SIC. But it will take more than a donation to stay on Hegemony's good side

EP09 — Deep Breaths

  • After an entire apartment block abruptly drops dead, Wyatt is brought to supervise the cleanup. But when his curiosity gets the better of him, he learns that the truth is something he’d rather forget.

EP10 — Brute Force

  • After remaining sealed for over a decade, the door to a high-security bunker opens. Inside is evidence of a civil war in the highest ranks of Hegemony.

EP11 — Semi Graveyard II: Social Isolation

  • A pair of truck drivers go on the run after breaking quarantine protocol, and stumble on an enclave of anti-Hegemony holdouts

EP12 — Burial at Sea

  • A rich couple’s plans to reach the green zone are complicated by a stowaway aboard their evacuation ship

EP13 — Pirate Radio III - Dangerous Liberty

  • Armed with the knowledge of the Jockey tapes, Prometheus hijacks Hegemony’s only remaining late night show to share the truth about Montauk

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